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I am an accredited Holistic Health Coach, and I’m absolutely passionate about empowering busy professional women to reclaim their energy, health, and confidence. Now, before we dive into my story, you might see me and think, “Wow, she’s radiating confidence,” but let me share with you – my journey had quite the unexpected beginning that might surprise you.

During the peak of my career as a Financial Adviser, I found myself carrying an extra 10 kilos, feeling utterly drained, and constantly juggling between work and family commitments. Taking care of myself? It felt like a distant dream. The relentless fatigue and stress led me to lean on caffeine and sugary treats just to get through the day. I became moody and irritable, and my ability to handle stress was slipping away. I couldn’t bring my best self to work or my family. Despite trying various diets and surviving on salads, those stubborn kilos just wouldn’t budge. I felt bloated, uncomfortable in my own skin, and it was a struggle to even look at myself in the mirror. That unshakeable confidence and spark? It seemed to have vanished. I was stuck, tired, and in desperate need of a lifeline.

But then, I decided it was time for a change. I invested in a Health Coach specialising in Ayurveda, and that decision turned everything around. Through a holistic and healing approach, treating not just my body, but my mind and spirit too, I learned to regain my energy and health.

It was about more than just diet and exercise – it was a complete transformation. Over the course of six months working with my coach, I delved into the world of personalised nutrition, nurturing digestive health, balancing hormones, and harnessing the incredible power of our minds. And guess what? My energy skyrocketed, my moods lifted, and those extra kilos melted away, all without strict diets or endless hours at the gym. I was awestruck by the reflection in the mirror – confident, radiant, and shining even brighter than before. I felt like I was rediscovering myself and, honestly, I think I might have had even more energy and confidence than I did in my twenties.

The transformation was so profound that I couldn’t help but yearn to learn more. I embarked on a journey into Ayurveda, and that’s when my path to becoming a Holistic Health Coach truly began. Now, I’m on a mission to guide women who are just like me – struggling with energy and weight loss – to break free from the cycle and embrace a life they truly love.

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